The Committee’s strategic direction on how it intends to accomplish and achieve its mandate. The Committee’s logo, motto, vision, mission statements, core values, strategic goals, objectives and strategies are explained.


The Committee logo is a Lion and a Dove encircled by a ring containing the words Power of Mercy Advisory Committee with two spears, two keys and a scroll completing the emblem.


The Lion

A Key national symbol of Kenya is the Kenyan lion, the symbol for national strength. The embodiment of State Power which is at the centre of granting mercy on the advice of The Power of Mercy Advisory Committee which encircles the Lion. Notice the Lion’s fore limb beckoning, a representation of Executive power extending mercy in the form of;

  • granting a free or conditional pardon to a person convicted of an offence;
  • postponing the carrying out of punishment, either for a specified or indefinite period;
  • substituting a less severe form of punishment; or
  • remitting all or part of a punishment.
The Humble Dove

The dove which is artistically depicted in front of the smiling lion so that from another angle it illustrates the fore limb of the lion. The dove is the representation of clemency, love, peace, mercy, reprieve, message of hope and a new beginning for the pardoned offender,

The Black Spear Bars

The spears have the dual representation of security which the state guarantees for the Kenyan society while on the other hand it is a representation of the correctional facilities where convicted criminal prisoners are incarcerated


The pair of keys noticeable facing downward represents conditions a petitioner must fulfil to qualify for the consideration of pardon and eventual release from prison. A fulfilment of the conditions makes the prisoner “deserving” for pardon which becomes the key for release.

The scroll

The scroll is a representation of the pardon warrant issued by the Executive authority.


Gold is a stately colour; it symbolizes great value for humanity. In pardoning, the President is underlining the value for others.
White depicts fairness, remorsefulness, repentance, peace, mercy and a new beginning.
Blue is associated with the psychological distance traveled by the prisoner leading to harmony with self after rehabilitation.
Purple symbolizes compassion a key element in the pardon process, while
Dark Gray around the spears and the keys depict the imprisonment of convicted prisoners.



The motto of the Committee is “Power and Mercy at its best”


The Vision of the Committee is “To be the most efficient and effective Advisory Committee on the exercise of the Power of Mercy”


The Mission of the Committee is “To receive petitions from convicted criminal prisoners, consider, review, hear and conduct interviews, investigate, research, collect data, educate and collaborate with other state and non-state organs to ensure His Excellency the President receives timely, objective, independent and accurate advice on the pardon of deserving petitioners in a just, fair and ethical manner”


The Committee’s core values include:-



The Committee shall pursue the following strategic goals during the plan period

  1. promote professional work ethics, attitude and conduct in the process of advice on the Power of Mercy.
  2. enhance institutional capacity to support the Committee’s mandate.
  3. promote the acceptance of the principle of power of mercy and pardoned convicts by the public.

The Committee’s strategic objectives are:

  1. to advise the President on the exercise of the Power of Mercy and ensure that the Committee’s recommendations are enriched by the diverse expert views of the members
  2. to develop and enhance the human and technological capacity of the Committee for efficient and effective delivery of services in the exercise of the Power of Mercy
  3. to ensure sound financial position of the Committee
  4. to create and enhance strategic partnerships to support implementation of the Committee’s mandate
  5. to promote the acceptance of the principle of power of mercy and pardoned convicts by the public

In order to ensure that the identified strategic objectives are comprehensively addressed, a number of strategies have been formulated for each objective. A set of activities have been identified for each strategy in order to work towards the achievement of the desired results. A results matrix has been developed and presented as Annex II. The following section therefore presents the strategic objectives, proposed strategies and key activities to be undertaken under each strategy.